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I suppose if all humans were honest, then must and trust others would be more of an extra nature. This would make life and its chaotic moments very much easier to grin and bare through. However, we all know it's not the case, but depending on trust within all inquiries have to be initiated so that you can discover the fiction from fact. The rest from the time is simply focused on Liam Neeson defying logic and saving your day solely because he's Liam Neeson. He leaves a trail of dead bodies while on an airplane and no other passengers ever find the victims or stumble onto them. A good portion of the passengers left alive are beaten to your pulp due to Bill as they slams them across the plane and resorts to beating a school teacher plus a lawyer before suspecting the people left who still trust him. He shoves Tom Bowen (Scott McNairy) round the plane regarding his arm pinned to his back and usually make use of the poor guy as a ventriloquist dummy. The climax takes ludricousness for an entirely new level. It culminates with Neeson firing his weapon and hitting its mark in zero gravity in slow-motion with a plane missing 1 / 2 of its exterior because it dives to 8,000 feet. projekty graficzne